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Joe The Cobbler

Episode Summary

In this episode, we honor Black History Month with songs and stories about Joe the Cobbler , Birmingham Sunday, and the Lovings. We chat with Boston area singer songwriter Linda Marks about her involvement with Buddy Dog Animal Shelter.

Episode Notes

This episode was all about reflection. We Black History Month and some of the songs that inspired us to either write or record.  We go into what inspired Forbidden and how it was uniquely recorded.  There are literally hundreds of inspiring stories that happened during the Civil Rights Movement,, I found one that caught my attention that I share. We also talk about a benefit I will be apart of that helps yet another human society in Boston area called Buddy Dog and it's creator  Linda Marks.

Song's Played in this episode: Publishing info :

Tia McGraff / Fawn Ti Publishing - SOCAN

Tommy Parham/ MandiTY Music - ASCAP


Forever , from Crazy Beautiful Album


Birmingham Sunday: written by Richard Farina

Licensed Content : IDBLM  207915


Forbidden: from our Stubborn In My Blood album

we wrote with Henry Priestman : Mighty Village/Sony ATV

and Peter Riley: Softdog Publishing


Forever Home Lullaby: Written by Linda Marks  

Publisher: Linda Marks Music ASCAP

Buddy Dog Humane Society

The donation link is www.buddydoghs.com/donate

My website is  


Background Ambient music

Track: Into The Light Music by Oak Studios Creative Commons - Attribution ND 4.0 https://youtu.be/5nNVrUE4oDA

Intro Song: Abigail - from the Break These Chains CD

Outro Song: Radical Road- from the Diversity CD


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