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With Love

Episode Summary

In Season 3 Episode 1, Still Some Meat On That Bone, Jake, we are back in the studio featuring rare recordings of some of Nashville's best songwriters, and a candid discussion about loss and grief.

Episode Notes

We talk about the struggles of surviving this pandemic, the mental and physical struggles we are going through.  We about how life was in Nashville as a songwriter and the relationships built on fun, laughter, etc..

We dive into how grief can cripple us, how it can grow us, how it can in some ways ,,,, heal us.


Song's Played in this episode: Publishing info :

Tia McGraff / Fawn Ti Publishing - SOCAN

Tommy Parham/ MandiTY Music - ASCAP


Everything You Want: written with Jimbeau Hinson - American Romance Songs ASCAP Tommy Parham -Porpoiseful Publishing

I'll Change: Jimbeau Hinson: American Romance Songs ASCAP / Tommy Parham :Porpoiseful Publishing- ASCAP

                               Kim Tribble - Balmer Publishing

You Don't Need Site:  with Kim Tribble: Balmer Publishing

With Love:  written with Kevin Fisher : McJames Music




Background music:


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Licensor's Author Username: Music Beats

Licensee: Bandana Records Productions

Item Title: Emotional Inspiring Piano


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Intro Song: Abigail - from the Break These Chains CD

Outro Song: Radical Road- from the Diversity CD


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